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How to Maintain Khukuri ?

It requires carefulness when unsheathing the Khukuri/kukri. Do not encircle the Scabbard with your fingers while you are taking the Khukuri/kukri out. Some time, the blade comes out from the sheath and it may cause injury on your inner fingers. Hold upper edge of the scabbard with your palm and fingers and then draw the blade out slowly. It should be pushed it back making curve and as well as slowly when drawing the blade in.

  • Keep the blade well lubricated at all times. Your blade is made of high-carbon and can rust of not properly oiled.
  • Make sure do not leave fingerprint on the blade. If it is necessary to touch on the blade, you should clean it by using some petrol or oil after that.
  • Incase rust develops, rub it off with fine sandpaper or sandstone, clean the dirt using some oil or petrol and wipe it off with a clean cloth and apply oil.
  • You should use shoe polish for the leather sheaths, use the brass polish for brass fittings and silver polish for silver fittings (Kothimora Khukuris).
  • The blunt knife (Chak-mak) is used for sharpening. But we recommend using file to make sharper the blade.
  • When storing your Khukuri for long periods. Keep the blade outside the sheath. This will prevent the collection of moisture inside the sheath. Treat the scabbard with mink oil. Or another suitable leather product. This will keep your sheath leather conditioned and protected against moisture.
  • Maintaining the appropriate edge will lengthen the life of your blade. Razor edges are not suitable for heavy chopping. Just as “axe” edges are not the best for 
How to maintain your Kukri?
  • Apply machine/gun oil on the blade at least once a month or/and every time after use. Make sure not to leave any fingerprint on the blade.
  • Incase rust develops on the blade, first clean the blade with some petrol/gasoline then rub the rust off with fine sandpaper; wipe it off with a clean cloth and apply oil. A wheel-shiner machine may be used to re-shine the rust infected area.
  • Use shoe polish for the leather case, furniture shiner for the wood, Brasso (brass polish) for the brass fittings and Silvo (silver polish) for silver cases once in a while to keep your khukuri fit and fine.
  • Scrub the carved (Dragon) blade with a hard brush (tooth brush) soaked in petrol and wipe it with a clean cloth before display.
  • Both sides of the blunt chakmak can sharpen the blade. However, a sharpening stone is recommended for better and faster result.
  • While on display, make sure to often clean the dirt particles, insect waste etc on the khukuri surface with a soft dry cloth and always keep away from water.
  • Before khukuri is put out of action for a long period of time; oil the blade properly, wrapped it in a plastic or polythene bag and keep it out of the scabbard. Same for the two small knives.
  • Always store/keep khukuri in a dry normal temp room


Your Khukuri is a dangerous weapon and should be treated as such. Please use them with caution and care. Keep your Khukuri/kukri away from minors. Avoid the blade from metallic surfaces and stones etc. Do not expose the scabbard to the sun for a long period of time as heating may help it to shrink a bit and hence making the blade difficult to insert.


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